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The Ultimate Fax SaaS Solution

The ether FAX® Advantage

etherFAX® offers a unique infrastructure as a service solution (IaaS) model that extends fax server technology to the cloud. etherFAX® retains the convenience and security of an on-premise deployment fused with the simplicity of a SaaS solution. A true one of a kind architecture that is only available from etherFAX®.

By eliminating the need for costly components such as fax boards and expensive telephone line costs, etherFAX® leverages the Internet to manage all your business-critical fax communications. With etherFAX® you no longer need expensive fax hardware, complex fault tolerance designs, and costly disaster recovery solutions. Additionally, etherFAX® eliminates the complexities and costs of provisioning PRI, T1, and/or analog connections. etherFAX's transparent design becomes a phone company in the cloud that handles all of your fax communications.

You can even keep your existing fax machines by connecting them to a FaxScan device (an ATA for fax machines) thus eliminating monthly phone line costs. You will only pay for faxes sent and received through etherFAX.

Fail-over FaxCore® server without the Fail-over hardware and fax lines?

For existing FaxCore customers, etherFAX® and FaxCore have even created a low cost DR/Fail-Over option for your FaxCore server. The FaxCore fax server (software only) is installed at your office or DR site. FaxCore's DR implementation is staged for integration with the same applications and services as your production FaxCore server, ensuring quick and easy fail-over. The difference is that instead of buying a duplicate set of fax boards and a server, etherFAX serves as the Fail-over fax lines and fax boards for a low-cost annual fee.

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