FaxCore is positioned as a server based solution with a very robust set of standard no-extra-cost features. Server pricing is available for the different modules listed below. There are no per-seat charges for client use. FaxCore gives your organization the freedom to fax-enable users and applications without the hassle of complex user based licensing schemes.

FaxCore comes with free web-based tools to assist users and administrators with sending and receiving fax transmissions. The browser based client does not require any ActiveX or Java components. Users can access the FaxCore server from anywhere in the world, using secure internet access.

  • FaxCore Server Components
  • Standard Server - (Contact us for pricing)
  • Enterprise Server - (Contact us for pricing)
  • Microsoft Active Directory Connector - (Included)
  • Microsoft Exchange Integration - (Included- all versions)
  • Lotus Notes Connector - (Contact us for pricing)
  • Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express Database Engine - (Included)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Integration - (Included)
  • FaxCore's WS/SOA SDK - (Included)
  • Web Browser Interface for Client and Administrator - (Included)
  • Inbound PDF Formatting - (Included)
  • Active Directory Support - (Included)

Supported Fax Hardware and FaxCore Fax over IP Drivers FaxCore supports intelligent fax boards, T.38 FoIP drivers, media gateways, analog telephone adapters (ATA) and other fax or telephony related products from leading manufacturers. The particular product or combination of products FaxCore recommends will depend on the customer environment.

Please contact our sales team to locate a a sales representative in your immediate area.