FaxCore was designed with the user in mind. Browser based tools and integration with Microsoft Outlook make it easy for users and administrators to fax-enable environments with a minimum of training. Particularly for users familiar with Outlook and other Microsoft applications, the user interfaces will be very recognizable.

FaxCore Installation Engineers and your TMI Authorized Reseller will conduct a training session as part of the installation process. The Free Demo videos (shown when our online form is submitted) are actually training videos so customers can incorporate them as part of the learning process. TMI Authorized Reseller can also provide customized training programs to meet your corporate needs.

Installation Services

FaxCore Installation Engineers and TMI Authorized Resellers are available to assist you with getting FaxCore remotely installed at your site. For some FaxCore products there is a fee associated with the installation service. FaxCore also has a selection of appliance bundles that incorporate the installation services into the price of the bundle. Resellers have years of experience setting up and configuring analog and digital telephone services used in today's faxing environment.

Getting things setup right the first time is our goal. Typical installation services are listed below:

FaxCore Installation - Task Examples

  • Integrating with internal PBX systems
  • Integrating with VoIP PBXs
  • Connecting to analog or digital telephone services
  • Integration with SharePoint and CRM
  • Setting up DTMF and DID routing with PBX systems


FaxCore was designed with the enterprise in mind. Many tools and options are available to help fax-enable your environment. For customers that would like to use the FaxCore .NET SDK or other development tools, TMI Authorized Resellers can assist with the customization process to optimize fax communication with business partners. The FaxCore web service architecture combined with the standard SDK feature makes it easy to interface with enterprise applications available today.

FaxCore Customization - Examples

  • Automating the receipt of fax transmissions
  • Creating custom batch operations to fax documents
  • Creating real-time fax services
  • Fax-enabling internal or public web sites
  • Integration with 3rd party applications like Electronic Medical Records and Accounting
  • Storing and retrieving documents from the FaxCore archive

Please contact a sales representative in your area to get further information and details about our services.